Increasing the employability of young people at risk of unemployment

Research > Increasing the employability of young people at risk of unemployment
Jhilava & Praga, Czech Republic
September 20-24, 2014

Short presentation addressed to managers and managers of social sector organizations in the Czech Republic, Villa Ramadas project - International Treatment Center, explaining the different types of outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities.

It is explicit that by working with a broader spectrum of psychological and emotional dependencies and disorders and patients of different nationalities, the reality in terms of response becomes increasingly complex and demanding for the organization.

These new paths require more sophisticated solutions from the organizations, since they have to respond to different stakeholders (clients, payers or regulators) by making their results more transparent with respect to: therapeutic success rates, quality standards and costs.

It presents and explains a set of "Six Main Ideas" that make possible the achievement of a sustainable organization in this sector. These "Six Main Ideas" are sub-divided into two core areas of activity, the essence of the activity and the business part.

Starting from this premise, questions are presented that require a deep reflection on the trajectory and the choices that an organization operating in the additions sector should make to be sustainable in a medium and long term perspective.

Note: the element of Villa Ramadas, also presented and directed a workshop / information panel on the theme "Strategic Communication".

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